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Jersey Shore Tourism Hits $6.6 Billion
Posted: May 21st 2019
The following article is by Donald Wittkowski of Sea Isle News Cape May County’s tourism industry is a $6.6 billion colossus that draws nearly 10 million visitors annually to an area that has diversified its attractions well beyond the ever-
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4 Tips To Make A Competitive Offer
Posted: May 15th 2019

In a competitive market like ours at the Jersey Shore, knowing how to make a competitive offer is key.  Taking a few key steps to maximize your offer's potential is easy and life-changing. &
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Mother's Day Weekend Weather at the Shore
Posted: May 8th 2019

10 Reasons You Should Invest In Real Estate
Posted: April 17th 2019

Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

Do you have enough for retirement? Financial planners usually use the “25 Times Rule” to determine how much a portfolio should be worth for someone to safely retire. If you need $50,000 a year to live on when you retire, then, u
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Easter Weekend Events At The Shore
Posted: April 17th 2019
Greater Wildwood Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 20 at 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Lincoln Avenue Beach, Wildwood
On the beach at Lincoln Avenue, Wildwood. Noon. Children ages 1-12 are invited to dig for eggs buried in the sand. Each egg contains a toy and a golden egg is w
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February 2019 Jersey Shore Home Sale Reports
Posted: April 1st 2019

Most Famous Hotel in NJ: Wildwood Crest's Caribbean
Posted: April 2nd 2019 just named The Most Famous Hotel in Every State.   New Jersey's winner?  The iconic Caribbean in Wildwood Crest!  Here's what they said to say: "Wildwood Crest in Cape May County, New Jersey is home to this quirky motel. The 50s, doo-wop style incorpora
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Local Shore News & Highlights
Posted: March 26th 2019

Oprah Winfrey recently made her way back to Cape May, along with Gayle King and Jersey Shore native Stedman Graham.

The media icon, her best friend
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St. Patricks Day Weekend At The Shore
Posted: March 13th 2019

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2019

Local Shore News & Highlights
Posted: March 13th 2019
Wildwood announces Fox Park free concert series lineup for Summer 2019!  Enjoy the sounds of the Shore every Saturday night from June 23-August 25, 7:30pm. Schedule below.  .. Read More >
Lowest Taxes of All NJ Beach Towns!
Posted: March 6th 2019
North Wildwood officially boasts the LOWEST average taxes of ANY beach town in the state of NJ, and 20th lowest out of more than 500 municipalities!   With so much to do and love here in North Wildwood, this is just another reason to call this beautiful town home, whether full time or for
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January 2019 Shore Town Home Sales Reports
Posted: February 27th 2019
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Opening Dates For Some Wildwoods Favorites
Posted: February 26th 2019

With Winter on the way out, we're looking ahead to those Wildwood Days! 

-Here are some opening dates
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6 Materials To Avoid For A Kitchen Remodel
Posted: February 19th 2019
About to remodel that old kitchen? Unless you’re cool with treating the hardest working room in your house like a museum exhibit, resist the temptation to buy the cheapest or shiniest materials available and go for durable options that can stand up to regular abuse. Trust us
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Trip Advisor Names Shore Town In Top 25!
Posted: February 13th 2019
Trip Advisor just named Wildwood in its Top 25 Most Kid-Friendly Beach Getaways In America! Here's what the article has to say about the island... Read More >
Rental Property Tax Deductions
Posted: February 13th 2019

From finding tenants to fixing faucets, renting out a home can be a lot of work. But the benefits of cash flow and tax deductions can make it worthwhile. 

In fact, you can use many rental p
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DiPeso Group Rental Management Services
Posted: February 6th 2019

The Most Important Repairs When Selling A Home
Posted: January 30th 2019

As a smart seller, you’ll want your home in tip-top shape — but you don’t want to eat into your profits by overspending on home improvements. You won’t be around to enjoy them anyway. The key is to focus on the most important repairs to make before selling
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Jersey Shore Market Reports December 2018
Posted: January 23rd 2019

Four Reasons to Buy Your Shore Home In Winter
Posted: January 21st 2019
Are you waiting for Spring/Summer to buy your new Shore home?  Do you know the advantages of buying in Winter?   1.  Sellers are often more negotiable in winter!
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Seal Found on North Wildwood Beach
Posted: January 8th 2019
On Sunday, January 6, a very special visitor came to the beaches of North Wildwood.   A gray seal was found sunning himself on the rocks early in the day, and it was initially thought he was merely enjoying the world-class, award winning beaches of North Wildwood.   Soon after,
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November 2018 Market Highlights & Trends
Posted: January 3rd 2019

132 Year Old Ship Revealed In Stone Harbor
Posted: January 3rd 2019
Locals and visitors alike began to stir on Christmas Eve when word spread of an amazing discovery on the beach at Stone Harbor Point. After some strong winds that previous weekend, the remains of what appeared to be a wooden ship, 25 feet in length, appeared uncovered in the sands.   Aft
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Jersey Shore Market Reports November 2018
Posted: December 26th 2018

10 Simple Comforts Every Holiday Guest Will Love You For!
Posted: December 22nd 2018
You’re expecting houseguests. Fun! You want them to feel welcome, comfortable, and — dare we say it? — maybe even a tad envious of your hosting prowess. No need to moonlight at hospitality school. We asked Airbn
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7 Organization Tips For Your Holiday Gear & Decorations
Posted: December 22nd 2018

Decking the halls is good fun and all, but shuffling through piles of wreaths, lights, ornaments, Santa hats, dreidels, wrapping paper, and stockings is nothing to fa la la la about. 

Cut back on the h
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10 Decor Trends For 2019 and Two That Are Out
Posted: December 14th 2018
Each fall, decorators begin to share the interior design trends we can expect to see in the new year. Looking ahead to 2019, bold colors, metallics, and statement ceilings take center stage. If you’re planning to put your place on the market and want it to appear like the freshest spot on the
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Things To Do When Selling During Holiday Season
Posted: December 11th 2018

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